Welcome to my Research website: Neonatal Stories

My own reasons for wishing to explore the area of parent experience is explained in my own digital story from the ‘Patient Voices’ website. Click below to view my digital story: INTO THE LIGHT Click here

From my research into parent experiences of neonatal care, I have developed a collection of digital stories from their narratives. I now invite you to take a look and listen to the digital stories created from the narratives of parents. Consider what you learnt about their experiences and how this may impact on your practice in working with neonates and their parents / families.


Illustrations on this page by Roisin Seiffert

Acknowledgements: Thank you to my research supervisors: Professor Joy Jarvis (University of Hertfordshire) and Dr Rebecca Thomas (University of East Anglia). Thank you too, to the parents who participated in the study and told their stories. See also below*

The Author: Julia Petty

Welcome to my web-site. As a children’s and neonatal nurse, educator and researcher, I aim to share my research that has explored the experiences of parents who have had premature babies in neonatal care. I believe that much can be learnt from listening to parents and hearing their stories. I also believe that having an insight into experience can influence how we care for parents and neonates and make us more empathic.

*Finally, thanks to the Hertfordshire Community Nurses Charity for assisting with the funding of the digital stories and web-site. This support is so much appreciated.