Parent Stories

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This page focuses on what health professionals can learn from the narratives of parents of babies who were born prematurely, whohave spent their first days and weeks on a neonatal unit.  The digital stories below are based on key themes that arose from interviews with parents about their experience. Each story represents a pivotal metaphor about their experience that arose from analysis of their narratives. CLICK ON THE TITLES BELOW to view the stories. 

ANOTHER WORLD – A story about a family’s experience through the very different world of the neonatal unit

ON THE EDGE  – A story about uncertainty and survival in the neonatal unit

NAVIGATING THE WAY HOMEA story about the parent experience of going home with their premature baby.

NEONATAL NURSING IN A GLOBAL PANDEMIC– The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on neonatal care

CONNECTIONS  – A mother’s story about separation and bonding with her premature baby

FIGHTERA father’s story about his son’s battle with the challenges of being born early

OUR SALVATION – A story about care and compassion in the neonatal unit and beyond

THE LONG HAUL AHEAD – A story about a family’s resilience along the long road to normality

OUT OF THE DARKNESS – A story about tough encounters through the neonatal unit into the light of going home

BITTERSWEET – A story about a fathers’ mixed emotions of having premature twins

’We all have experiences of relating to and living vicariously inside the stories that are told by others – whether those are real stories that have happened to them, or stories that they have created, using elements of their experience’’ (pg. 32; Fairbairn, 2002).

Illustration by Charlotte Tisdale
Illustration by Roisin Seiffert

With Thanks to the Hertfordshire Community Nurses Charity for funding this project